The Green Shirt Umpiring Program is a practical umpiring course aimed at developing and training beginner umpires, of all ages, to ultimately attain their National C  badge. Introduced to netball associations in 2007, the program has continued to grow, introducing an increasing number of individuals to umpiring and assisting to develop their umpiring. As an association we are strongly encouraging the more mature athlete to enrol along with coaches, parents and spectators alike.

**UPDATED 5th Feb 2021 – all changes are subject to Government regulations and are reliant on Perth going back to pre lockdown rules on the 14th Feb **

What is it?

The Green Shirt Program is a practical umpiring course that was introduced to netball associations in 2007 and has been continually developed into the successful program that we run today.

The program is aimed at training and developing umpires of all ages towards their National C badge. The program has two levels: Full Program and Train On, the train on program is run on a Friday night at 6.30pm and the Full Program is run on Saturday, in all aged timeslots, providing us with a range of game levels.

Can I sign straight up for the winter season?

All umpires that are NEW to THIS program must attend our compulsory training program, there are four dates available and you MUST attend both Day 1 and Day 2. You may go to Day 1 in Jan and Day 2 in Feb or complete all four sessions, however, you will not be eligible to take part in the trials and thus be eligible for the program if the two dates aren’t completed. These dates are as follows:

  • Jan (Day 1): 16th January: 3-7pm
  • Jan (Day 2): 23rd January: 3-7pm
  • Feb (Day 1): 7th February: 8-12 noon CANCELLED
  • Feb (Day 1): 14th February: 8-12 noon
  • Feb (Day 2): 14th February: 1-5pm
  • Feb (Day 1): 20th February 11am-3pm
  • Feb (Day 2): 21st February 1-3.30pm

All training will be held at the WDNA Clubrooms at the times noted above. Training includes both practical and theory drills.

What are the benefits for me as an umpire?

If you really want to learn to umpire, there is no better start than the Green Shirt Program. The training received in the first month is second to none, delivered by not only experienced umpire coaches but current high performance umpires.

The aim of the program is to ensure that new umpires are easily recognisable and are fully supported by the association, reducing the pressure and lessening abuse and conflict directed towards new officials.

Benefits of this program include:

  • Ongoing coaching by the Umpire Coaching Team;
  • Support in the event of issues with spectators, coaches or players
  • Develop umpiring skills and techniques;
  • Learning the correct procedures and protocols of umpiring; and
  • Develop umpire pathways.

OK, I’m definitely interested – what must I commit to?

Firstly you must enroll via myNetball click here for the link. Select the dates that you wish to attend the training and then select the dates that you wish to attend trials.

Trials are held over the following dates, we encourage you to attend as many as you can.

            TRIAL 1: 21st February 4-6pm

            TRIAL 2:  7th March 4-6pm

            TRIAL 3: 14th March 4-6pm

            TRIAL 4: 15th March 6-8pm

            TRIAL 5: 22nd March 6-8pm

A fee of $65 covers all the training and trial sessions and is payable prior to attendance at your first registered training session.

As an active player, I am trialling for involvement TACT 2021, can I do both?

Yes, of course you can. We encourage all umpires to continue playing and/or coaching as each aspect of the game works together to help you understand the game.

We will arrange for you to umpire when you are not playing, this has been done successfully in the past

Is there an age barrier?

No, we strongly encourage mature umpires to come through our program.

Over the last few years we have managed to attract a number of adults who have enjoyed and successfully progressed through the program.

Junior umpires should be born in 2008 (turning 13 in 2021), we allow younger umpires to do the training and the trials but they must have played at least one season in full rules before they can apply to enter this program. We select based on ability and all umpires face the same criteria.

If I get into the program will there be big costs involved?

The cost of the program is $150. This includes:

  • a training session prior to the start of the season (11th,17th or 18th April: Times to be advised);
  • Access to a home program detailing a breakdown of rules for you to refer back to during the season;
  • a minimum of 10 weeks and a maximum of 15 weeks of umpiring matches with umpire support ( of which you will be paid for your umpiring games);
  • 3 further training sessions specifically for GS umpires only (23rd May; 11th July; 1st Aug: 12-1.30pm);
  • subsidized badging costs; and
  • the loan of the green polo shirt.

Before taking the court every umpire must have completed a Foundation Umpire Education Course within the past 4 years, this is online and costs approximately $40, and passed the Rules of Netball Theory Examination $10 (fees for these online courses are set by Netball Australia and are subject to change). These charges are in addition to the cost of the program and are paid online through the MyNetball learning portal.

Each umpire must also have a white skirt (shorts if male), a Thunderer whistle and 2020 rule book.

The umpiring academy does have various items available, however you do not have to purchase from us. The rule book is also available as a downloadable app.

Rachel Williams is your contact for all enquiries or 9409 9950.

Full Program

Umpires will umpire each week based on their availability that they have advised us at the start of the year. They are guaranteed 10 games in the season and are paid on the side of the court for these games.

On each game they will have an umpire coach assigned to their court who will coach them so they receive feedback there and then.

Each umpire will receive a green shirt polo shirt which is to be returned at the end of the season.  Should they be successful and obtain their National C Badge they are rewarded with a shirt which is yours to keep, they also continued to be allocated games and receive coaching for the remainder of the season.

Train on program

Many umpires find umpiring extremely daunting and quite often they need to build confidence. We help them obtain this confidence by working with them on a lower age group where they will only umpire the modified Yr 5 game.

The program will be run on Friday nights at 5.30pm and once the umpires gain confidence they will move into the full program at their requested time slot.

Each umpire will receive payment for the games that they umpire.

Incidental Costs

The online Foundation Umpire Education course (Formerly Level 1) which costs $50 and an online Theory Exam which is $10 must be completed prior to week one of the season.

Each umpire must also have a white skirt (shorts if male), a Thunderer whistle and 2018 rule book – we do sell if required, there is also an app where the rule book can be downloaded for free.

WDNA heavily subsidise badging costs with umpires contributing $50 to the cost.

Is there an age barrier?

No, we strongly encourage mature umpires to come through our program.

Over the last few years we have managed to attract a number of adults who have enjoyed and successfully progressed through the program.

Junior umpires should be born in 2008 (turning 13 in 2021), those born after 2008 are welcome to attend the training sessions and trial as we accept into the program based on ability, however they MUST have completed a season playing in full rules to be eligible.

Direct all enquiries to Rachel Williams via email on or call WDNA on (08) 9409 9950