WDNA Umpires - Non Squad

 Clubs will no longer assign umpires to their club games, for all games from Year 5 to OPEN. The AUDO will assign all umpires either through the Green Shirt Program, WDNA Squad Umpires or through those registered to umpire at WDNA.

We are strongly encouraging ALL previous club umpires to sign up to receive allocations for games. Registration to receive umpiring allocations is FREE if you are a registered athlete for the 2021 season, otherwise there is a nominal fee of $40 to cover affiliation and administration costs.

All umpires are required to have a mynetball number and have a current Rules of Netball Theory Examination pass mark (over 70%). This has been the ruling in our Procedures and Protocols at WDNA for several years and hasn’t changed. There is no requirement for a National C Badge – however, we recommend obtaining the National Accreditation, allocations will be based on experience and subsequent feedback from clubs.

Umpires will NOT be required to wear white skirts or shorts however; a predominantly white top is required as per our current Procedures and Protocols. Any jumpers or jackets worn over the top of a white shirt MUST also be predominantly white. 

Should your performance be witnessed and noted to be less than competent we will recommend a lower game allocation for you, however, should your performance consistently be deemed as less than competent by the Association Umpire Development Officer or a suitably qualified umpire supervisor, you will be required to attend training to upskill yourself and no games will be allocated until that is completed. If a lackluster performance results in a game becoming dangerous WDNA reserves the right to replace you immediately on the game and advise you to attend an upskilling course prior to taking the court again.

By signing up to umpire at WDNA, you will be registered as a non-playing umpire and have access to the Insurance provided by Netball Australia should you injure yourself whilst umpiring. You will also receive updates on the courses that are being provided by WDNA.

There will be a limit of three games allocated per day to an umpire, if you are playing you will be restricted to two games. This will ensure that umpires are not overloaded and able to perform adequately. You may also be required to be available to reserve one time slot every other week to ensure that we have cover in the event of injuries or no shows.

All games where umpires have pulled off due to injury or advised that they are unavailable due to injury will require a written clearance from a physio to be able to be reallocated games. Those umpires who fail to turn up, we will be following the three-strike rule, where you will be stricken from our register should you fail to turn up 3 times.


There are set payments received for each age group and they are listed below, they are not negotiable and clubs have been advised this is the payment that is required.

Year 5 and 11& Under:                     $15

12&Under and 13&Under:                $20

15&Under and 18&Under:                $25

15&Under and 18&Under MIXED:    $25

15&Under and 18&Under BOYS:      $25

Open Division 3 and below:            $30

Open Division 1 and 2:                    $35


We are very excited for the 2021 season.

To register as an umpiring member please complete the link here: WDNA Umpiring Winter 2021 this is not for those wishing to participate in Squad.

Please note there are no refunds for change of mind or incorrectly filling out the form so please ensure you are completing the correct form prior to submitting, please call Rachel Williams on 9409 9950 if you require further information 

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