Important Scorecard Reminders for the Winter season


The Winter season is now underway and we would like to thank all clubs for their patience with the changes this year.

We do have some scorecard reminders that below that are very important for all scorers/coaches and managers.

The majority of scorecards are filled out correctly but these are important for all to know.

– Please do not write in pencil on the scorecard. All scorecards need to be filled out in pen.

– Make sure that your writing is legible, this includes names and numbers. We sort through over 300 scorecards each week and look at the FINAL score box when inputting into MyNetball. Most errors on MyNetball occur when this is illegible and it is read incorrectly. Remember to also fill out the score in each quarter.

– If you get a scorecard and a player is in the list who shouldn’t be, do not leave a comment on the card instructing us to change it as this is the club’s responsibility and you will need to notify them.

– If you are adding a player to your team list, put their FULL name. First names only are not acceptable and may result in a fine for your club. Double check with the player for correct spelling of their first and last name, please do not use nicknames.

– If you have bought a SGV or have a player playing up, fill out the back of the scorecard with ALL of the required details. We need the team number and division players are playing from. The SGV number MUST be recorded.

– When filling out player positions, leave a blank space or a dash to indicate a player not taking court. Adding Sub/Off/Res/Sick clutters the page and should changes be made, it gets very messy to read and can be unclear from a glance if they took the court or not. 
If a player is away, simply put a single line through their name.

– You need to put your player positions in every quarter, should a player be injured in the fourth quarter but the scorecard was left blank in that quarter she may not be covered for insurance and your club may be fined.

– As we have very limited space this year, please make sure you know your team’s number, age group and division BEFORE you come to the match office to collect your scorecard so we can avoid as much congestion as possible.

Note: As per our P&P changes this year Bye Games are awarded 1 point and the goals are not counted. In MyNetball this will show up as a draw and does not affect your percentages.

I have added a number of examples of good and bad scorecards from the past season to look through. We know mistakes are made and sometimes scribbles cannot be helped but hopefully with these tips and your help we can have great scorecards all season (weather permitting).

Picture 1: Incomplete 
Picture 2: Unclear 
Picture 3: Dashes should be used 
Picture 4: Messy and unclear 
Picture 4: Correct example

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