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Update 12th Oct 2020 

With the Spring competition ready to go this week, it is important to remind your members of the correct procedures in place for the competition as we are still operating under Phase 4 restrictions.


Games will still run under the Get In/Play/Get Out Policy

Gates will open 15 minutes prior to the commencement to the game. Please remember to social distance at the gates. It is recommended that your teams arrange to meet on the cricket oval or other open space and walk over together as a group.

Parents/guardians may walk their children onto the courts but must then leave immediately.  Parents must wait outside the gates for their children at the conclusion of their games. 

For players playing on Courts 1 – 27; Entry is at Gate 2 and the Exit is Gate 4.

Courts 28 – 57; Enter at Gate 5 and Exit at Gate 6.

Ten minutes after commencement of the games, the gates will be closed and late comers will not be admitted.



Each team is permitted 5 spectators, this INCLUDES your scorer along with your Coach and Manager. 

Players may be escorted to the court by their parent/guardian but they are not permitted to stay as a spectator. 

We are hoping that these restrictions will be able to be eased after 25th October if the State moves to Phase 5. However in the meantime this is how we will be running the competition so please advise your parents/spectators that ANY abuse of our staff/volunteers/Board members WILL result in a ban from the complex for the remainder of the season – regardless of the restrictions being lifted. Please remind them NOT to contact the office as our staff members will only speak to the Club Contact.


All games will be centrally timed with 10 minute quarters. Teams are still encouraged to have a score checker present in place of a timer.


Scorecards are still to be collected from the canteen window, the scoring team is responsible for collecting and returning the scorecard. In the case of a Bye vs Bye game, the team from the higher division is responsible for the scorecard collection.


Any team intending to forfeit a Spring match must have the club contact notify WDNA office by email no later than 10.00am on the Tuesday prior to the fixtured game. (Penalty #13)


There will be no canteen available during Spring.

This year continues to be challenging for us all and both the Board and staff have done their best to provide your members with a Spring netball season. We thank all clubs for continuing to be patient and working with us during these unusual times.

Good Luck to all teams!





Update 27th July 2020

Club Update

Update 16th June 2020

Club Competition Update

Update 5th June 2020

COVID Update

Update 7th May 2020

Please see the attached COVID Factsheet from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries regarding Community Sport and Active Recreation.

Community Sport and Active Recreation COVID-19 Factsheet_6 May2020

COVID-19 Update 29th April 2020

Please see the attached COVID-19 update from Netball WA. Please note that this does not mean that you can commence netball team training. Netball WA have made it clear in their memo and FAQ’s that team training cannot take place until they advise us further.  Clubs can participate in fitness training in groups of no more than 10 people and activities that do not involve the sharing of equipment. There are substantial penalties in place for breaches of this policy so please let’s all continue to observe the rules and be safe.

The courts at WDNA will remain closed to members for any activities. Clubs may not use the courts for fitness activities. This latest easing of restrictions is a positive step for all winter sporting codes. We still have a long way to go before we can think about a start to the 2020 season but we are hopeful that if this latest easing is managed correctly and people do the right thing.

Thank you to those clubs and individuals who have contacted us and offered comments and encouragement. Whilst we do not have many answers, we are always happy to chat about anything netball related.

Yvette Thomson – President WDNA

MEMORANDUM – Reminder of Suspended Activities & FAQ’s

COVID -19 Update April 2020

Clubs and Life Members

Please see the attached update from Netball WA. Unfortunately we are still no closer to determining a start date. However the Association Presidents will take part in another teleconference next Thursday 30th April and I will continue to keep you all updated as information comes through.

Several clubs have read the March minutes sent out today and have wondered if they missed a meeting proposed for March 30th. The answer is no. The minutes need to reflect what was discussed and whilst a meeting was indeed agreed to at the Board meeting on 17th March, only days later everything had changed and all training and competition was cancelled. The Board have decided not to meet again until May, we are keeping in touch via email and can deal with any urgent correspondence if the need arises.

If we do receive something definite by way of dates, we will work through the various options with the fixtures and let everyone know. Rest assured our office staff have created multiple scenarios that take into account all possible options. WDNA have the added issue of having to cater for close to 6000 players, not counting umpires, coaches and spectators. But if there is a way, we will make sure it happens. But we need to be sure that it will be safe for everyone involved and be able to follow whatever guidelines are set down for us.

Thank you all so much for your understanding and patience.  I know we are all keen to start moving forward but the reality is that this is a situation that is simply beyond our control and we need to listen to the experts. Community sport is recognised as a very important aspect of our social well being and from what I understand, all levels of government are very supportive of its return, but in way that is safe for all participants and spectators.

Yvette Thomson – President WDNA

20200422 COVID-19 Update – Support, Staying Engaged, Season 2020 & Fees

COVID-19 Update

Netball WA held a teleconference with all Association Presidents last night. They will be sending out a direct communication to all members this morning.

As a result of advice Netball WA have received, this email is to advise all clubs that all club training must be suspended immediately. Please pass this message onto all teams. Access to the storage facility is still permitted but no training is permitted.

It is planned that the 2020 winter netball season will still proceed, however the start date will be no earlier than the 30 May 2020.  At this stage, club training may not recommence until the end of May. WDNA will work in consultation with both the City of Wanneroo and Netball WA and will keep members advised of these dates as soon as we can.

This delayed start to the season is in keeping with other sporting codes and will give WDNA time to assess the team numbers and formulate a fixture and other required health and safety measures.  It is most important that all clubs submit their team numbers as requested by the Association Manager.

Please remember that these plans are being made based on the current advice and are subject to change at any time. If circumstances change then we will inform club as soon as possible.

Netball WA have further advised that the Origin Energy Metro League competition will continue for the next three weeks, concluding on April 3rd.  Based on current allowable numbers, the competition will be split between WDNA, Southern Districts Netball Association, Perth Netball Association and the Gold Netball Centre. More information will be provided to us by Netball WA on Thursday and we will in turn advise our members. Due to low numbers, Metro League teams are permitted to train for the next two weeks only.  Please remember to follow all COVID-19 protocols regarding attendance at games and/or training. 

At this stage all TACT and Green Shirt trials will be suspended. There will be further advice issued regarding the Fuel to Go & Play Championships by the end of this week and again we will pass this on once received.

Coaching and Umpiring courses will still be conducted. Acceptable social distancing and increased hygiene practices will be in place for these courses.

Thank you for your understanding during what is a very unusual period of time. WDNA will continue to liaise with Netball WA and be guided by their advice.  We will continue to update clubs via email, our website and Facebook page. Should anyone wish to discuss this further please contact me directly via email which is  I ask that you refrain from contacting the office unless it is absolutely necessary and if so please do this via email and not over the phone or in person. Please remind your members that they are not to call the office with inquiries regarding the competition – all queries must come through the club contacts.

Please look through the below links for all information regarding COVID-19 and take care. 

Department of Health Information Page 

Netball Australia’s CEO Statement

Netball WA’s Statement