Hi all! I hope everyone is having a great start to the season.

Please note the following Competition Reminders for the Winter Season. 


All of the below information and further rule clarification can also be found in the Handbooks and the WDNA Policy & Procedures available from the Forms & Downloads section.

Single Game Vouchers (SGVs)

A voucher is valid for one match only.  This provides insurance cover for the player in the event of an injury and must be recorded on the score card (as normal on front and SGV section on reverse). (Penalty #2)

  • Any player not registered to play in a team at WDNA must purchase a SGV prior to taking the court.  Failure to purchase a SGV prior to the commencement of the game will be classified as playing an ineligible player.  (Penalty #10)
  • Players can only purchase and play on two (2) separate Single Game Vouchers.  Should a player take the court for a third time that player must pay full WDNA, WCNR and Netball WA fees.  Monies already paid for previous SGV’s do not contribute towards the above fees.
  • A team may only have a maximum of two (2) players playing on a SGV in any one winter match.  If a club has more than two (2) players on a SGV in any one match, the additional players are deemed ineligible players and fined accordingly. (Penalty #10)


Match Duration

There was confusion regarding the rules for NSG Set/Go match duration on Saturday. Netball Australia recommend 4 x 8-minute quarters for SET and 4 x 10-minute quarters for GO.

WDNA policy for NSG SET and GO is

4 x 10min quarters with three (3) minute interval at quarters and a five (5) minute interval at half time.

Centre Pass

SET – Centre pass: The initial centre pass will be taken by the team who won the toss and all other centre passes shall be taken by the team that did not score the last goal.

GO – Centre Pass – The centre pass will alternate as per the International netball rules.



No jewellery or sharp adornments, including hair beads shall be worn, with the exception of a wedding band and/or medical alert item, which must be taped or worn under a sweatband.  Holes from spacers are to be taped and the spacer jewellery to be removed.  (Rule 5.1.1. (IV) Official Rules of Netball).


Should a player be found to be wearing prohibited jewellery after the commencement of the game, they shall be sent off the court and the jewellery removed.  Play is to continue without that player.  The position left vacant during the time the player is off the court must not be filled unless that position is Centre, in which case the team may move one player on the court to fill that position.  The player may retake the court at the next centre pass, after inspection by the umpire.


The marked bays are strictly for Staff parking. Please be aware as the Ranger will be called.


No Alcohol is permitted within the WDNA Netball Complex this includes the changerooms!


SCORECARDS – Fines will be issued for incorrect scorecards as of this Saturday!

This information is required for insurance and eligibility purposes.

All recording on the scorecard should be written in ink.

  • It is the responsibility of each team to ensure THEIR information is filled out correctly on the scorecard
  • It is the responsibility of the scoring team to hand in the score card to the Match office immediately following the match. (Penalty #1)
  • If a Single Game Voucher (SGV) is being used in the match, the SGV number and NAME OF THE PLAYER MUST be recorded on the back and listed on the front of the scorecard prior to the commencement of the match.
  • Player playing up from a lower division to be entered on the team list as well as on the back of the score card in designated section – Team number that they are playing up from i.e.: Rangers 7, Lorraine Ward, DOB and division playing up from.
  • Keep an accurate record of goals scored by putting a cross through the numbered square as a goal is scored
  • Keep a progressive score – if 1 goal scored in first quarter then 2 in the second  the progressive score is 3 which is entered in the box marked 2nd.
  • Keep an accurate record of the Centre passes
  • Each quarter update your players and their position for that quarter
  • Immediately after the game ensure both umpires and captains sign the score card and hand into match office
  • Being on the score card does not constitute playing a game. The player must have taken the court and have a playing position recorded next to their name to have been deemed as playing.




Once a player is registered with a club they MAY NOT play for another club! This is classed as playing an ineligible player and the fine is $100.00 and forfeiture of the match.


A player registered in a higher division cannot play down to a lower division! This is also classed as playing an ineligible player and the fine is $100.00 and forfeiture of the match.