believe that helping one coach up-skill and develop their confidence will ultimately be transferred back to the seven or more players that they coach.  Hopefully the skills learnt will be shared with other coaches within the club and then more coaches are up-skilled. Metro League is a fantastic opportunity for experienced coaches to challenge themselves in a new competition.

All applications will be processed by the Association Development Officer.  Successful applications will be presented to the Board for approval and ratification. 

Team Coach

Applications for Team Coaches must have the following pre-requisites :

  • Minimum of Intermediate Level Coaching Accreditation
  • Currently coaching a team of at least Junior (15 & U level of Club/School or higher);
  • Affiliated with NWA & WDNA

Assistant Coach

Applications for Assistant Team Coaches must have the following pre-requisites:

  • Minimum of Development Level Coaching Accreditation
  • Affiliated with NWA & WDNA
  • Attendance at pre and post training session meetings as requested by the Association Development Officer;
  • Attendance at coaching practical sessions;
  • Completion of all paperwork as requested by the Association Development Officer;
  • Adherence to the aims and ethos of the program at all times;
  • All coaches are to abide by the WDNA Code of Conduct and Policies & Procedures;
  • Wearing of Metro League shirt/WDNA hoodie to all sessions (once received);