Umpire Uniforms

Every umpire is expected to dress professionally and in appropriate clothing.

The uniform for club umpires is as follows –

  • White shirt;
  • PREFERRED – White skirt / shorts (men).  However black and blue sportswear of skirt/shorts/pants may be worn.
  • Sports footwear
  • White jacket or see through jacket when it rains, please note that any jumper/coat/jacket MUST be WHITE;

Club umpires may be provided with an umpire uniform by their club. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are umpires to wear a white shirt/top over a playing uniform. This will incur a $50 fine as per our Policies & Procedures.

Umpires who are part of the Association Development programs must wear the supplied uniform.


All can be purchased from Wanneroo during office hours or through the season.

  • Whistle – Basic ($8), Thunderer ($25)
  • Rule Book – $20
  • Basic Umpiring Kit – $55
  • Rain Jackets – $20
  • White Skorts – $20
  • White Caps/Visors – $5
  • White Jackets (to order only); Jumpers and T-Shirts – $TBC

Should you wish to purchase in bulk for your club please email Rachel Williams at to place an order and ensure adequate stock is available.

Umpire Kit

We suggest all umpires invest in an umpire’s kit.  This is a handy bag that has all of your umpiring equipment in with easy access.

We suggest it should contain the following –

  • 1 x small pencil case
  • 1 x whistle
  • 1 x spare whistle
  • 50 cent coin (for an umpires toss)
  • 2 x hair ties (for keeping track of centre passes)
  • 1 x cheap ring (alternate way of keeping track of centre passes )
  • 1 x rule book
  • 1 x notebook
  • 1 x pen
  • Other personal items you may need.  These may include bandaids, tissues, lip balm and hairpins.