How to Start

Umpiring is a great way to be involved in netball and you can start at any stage in your life.

It is recommended to pick up a whistle during training sessions and then attend formal training workshops. WDNA recommends attending our beginner workshops held during the School Holidays or our Green Shirt Program.

ALL umpires must be affiliated with Netball WA and WDNA through the MyNetball system and hold a pass in the Rules of Netball Theory Examination before umpiring games at our Association, this includes Net Set Go. Completion of the Foundation Umpire Education Course is also highly recommended.

Where to start?

Contact your club and ask if they run an umpiring development program. If not, apply to enrol in our Green Shirt Program. The program for Winter 2018 is currently open and further inforamtion can be obtained here.

Beginner workshops are held during the School Holidays in April and July which cater for the new umpire and is a great way to start your umpiring journey. Further information can be found here. 

Hiring an umpire coach

Umpire coaches are available to come along to training sessions and/or coach during games in Winter or Spring Season, subject to availability.

Having an umpire coach to your match play sessions allows your umpires to receive some one-on-one feedback, ask any questions and be exposed to a different style of coaching should they have been coached already. There is a limit of 4 umpires to 1 umpire coach to ensure that they all receive the best experience.

The costings of the service are laid out below. For bookings and further information contact Rachel Williams on 9409 9950 or on 

Training Session held at Kingsway Courts = $30 an hour;

Training Session held at a school/club = $30 an hour plus $10 travel;

During Spring/Winter season games = $25 a game