WDNA Umpire Academy

WDNA runs a very successful umpiring academy, consisting of a squad and a green shirt program. This allows umpires of all abilities from the very beginner to the highly experienced to continue to develop their skill set.

Umpiring Staff

Association Umpire Development Officer (AUDO) – Rachel Williams.

As the AUDO for WDNA I bring a wealth of netball experience as a player, coach and umpire.

Starting my netball career in the UK, I played for a local league where the requirement was if you played- you umpired. Not only did this help you understand the rules of the game and appreciate the technicalities of the sport but also helped breed a great sense of respect for officials. Umpiring is certainly not as easy as some umpires make it look and it’s only by taking up the whistle that you can truly appreciate the role of the official.

I was lucky enough to spend a number of seasons playing for my County (Gloucestershire) where we traveled the UK playing other counties. After moving to Australia I became a ‘dreaded social’ umpire until I bore my three children, currently 8, 10 & 11. I still found it really hard to get back into netball and started umpiring at a local indoor centre to regain my fitness and I found my love of netball again. Through meeting many different walks of life through netball I was recruited to play for a WDNA club and decided to enquire about umpiring, I was accepted into the WDNA squad and then subsequently identified for State League. In 2016 at the age of 35, I achieved my National A Badge and am still a current member of the WANL squad.

My Australian umpiring journey started when I was 30 years old, it’s never too late to pick up a whistle and I am an advocate for all players, coaches and spectators learning the art of officiating and developing the respect for officials that they deserve.

My role as the Umpiring Development Officer for WDNA is to help develop all umpires whatever their current skill level. For the beginner to the seasoned umpire WDNA run workshops, clinics and umpiring programs to suit your needs. My role also includes working with clubs to help them develop their umpires to ensure that  competent umpires to officiate at your games, BUT I cannot do this role without guidance from the clubs and their input on what services you need me to provide.


WDNA Umpiring Academy Squad

Our squad is a development program for Nationally accredited umpires that wish to keep developing their skills and help other like-minded umpires to continue on the umpiring pathway. We have a number of levels within the Academy to ensure that all umpires are allocated to the games appropriate to their current level whilst allowing them the ability to progress. In 2017 we had 7 umpires that have come through our programs and are on the current WANL Squad or State League Academy,with 2 umpires in the Tier 1 program.

Coaching by highly experienced umpire coaches is given throughout both the 14 week Winter season with free access to workshops  and the chance to develop your skills off court by learning how to umpire coach and help out the new learner umpires.  An umpiring polo is also provided.

All applicants MUST be affiliated to Netball WA and WDNA, this can be done by completing a simple form.

Applications for our 2018 Winter Season close on the 28th February 2018.  Complete the below form and send to Rachel Williams at umpiring@wdna.net.au or post to PO Box 116, KINGSWAY, WA 6065.

Application Form for Winter 2018 Season

Green Shirt Umpire Program

The Green Shirt Umpiring Program is a practical umpiring course aimed at developing and training beginner umpires, of all ages, to ultimately attain their National Umpiring badge. Introduced to netball associations in 2007, the Green Shirt Umpiring Program has continued to grow, introducing an increasing number of individuals to umpiring and assisting to develop their umpiring.

Applications are OPEN for Winter 2018. Click here for more information