Umpiring Badges

All umpires should be aspiring to achieve a National Accreditation in the form of the following badges:

  • National C Badge;
  • National B Badge;
  • National A Badge;
  • All Australian;
  • International Umpire Award.

At Wanneroo Districts Netball Association we have the ability to test for National C and B Badges on our games during the Winter Season and National C’s on our games in the Spring Season . Those wishing to achieve their B Badge must be part of the development squad.

What must I do to be able to be tested ?

To be able to obtain your National Badge you must have completed all pre-requisites.

For the National C Badge the umpire must have completed a Foundation Umpire Education Course and the Rules of Netball Theory Exam (with a minimum of 70%) the section 1 exam.

Once these are complete the umpire is tested by a panel of experienced umpires on a game of suitable level. To ‘pass’ they must meet the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s – See Forms and Downloads) as set out by Netball Australia.

All pre-requisites are complete – where do I go now?

All testing panels and matches are organised by the AUDO.

Contact must be made through either your club umpire coordinator or your nominated club contact.

There are two options available.

a)  pay a screening fee of $20,  the umpire will be screened for their badge as per the KPIs for half a game and then be coached for the remainder of the game. The club contact will be notified if the umpire is ready to tested or not. Should the umpire be successfully screened, the $50 badge fee will only be applicable if the badge is obtained.

b) allow the umpire to be tested directly once a suitable game is available. A non-refundable fee of $50 is payable prior to the test.

All Umpires MUST be affiliated to Netball WA either as a player or as an official for accreditation to be achieved.


Please contact Rachel Williams on 9409 9950 or umpiring@wdna.net.au for further information