WDNA offers training, coaching and development of which ALL association clubs and their members have access.

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Club Umpire Co-ordinators

* Arrange umpires for help with gradings; email Rachel Williams umpiring@wdna.net.au with dates and times.

* Hire an umpire coach for your umpires;

* Bulk order equipment;

Umpires needed to fulfill your umpiring roster;

*Upcoming workshops;

* What can umpires wear? ;

*New rule clarifications for 2018 ;

Requirements for a Nationally Accredited umpiring badge;

* Club umpires that are ready to be badged.


WDNA member

What is the Green Shirt Program? How do I apply?

*School Holiday Clinic Beginner Workshops ;

* Workshops available:

* Purchase equipment;

* Application Form for Winter 2018 Season as a member of the Umpiring Academy;



Please also take the time to read through our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions). All enquiries are to be directed to Rachel Williams, 9409 9950 or umpiring@wdna.net.au