During the World Cup the International Netball Federation (INF) met and updated the rules which have come into effect on the 1st January 2016.

WDNA are holding New Rules Discussion 6pm – 8pm on April 5th, 6th and 7th 2016 and it’s COMPULSORY for ALL clubs to send two representatives to one of the evenings.

Netball Australia have released videos to explain the updated rules and they can be viewed here.

A summary of the rule changes can also be found here.

Rule Books are available for purchase from the WDNA office at a cost of $20.

Should you have any queries please contact Rachel Williams on umpiring@wdna.net.au or 9409 9950.

To be tested you must contact your club umpire coordinator or club contact and they will contact the AUDO to arrange testing if you have met all pre-requisites, the key performance indicators (Resources) and are fully affiliated with Netball WA and the Region.

Firstly, ensure that they have completed their Level 1 course and the Section 1 exam. These are both found on mynetball via the online learning tab, the exam is free and at least 70% must be obtained to pass and the course is $25.

Once this has been completed (ensure both certificates are available to be presented to the AUDO) and you are happy they have met the Key Performance Indicators (See Resources ) there are two options as listed below:

* Advise the AUDO that you would like your umpire screened for a badge at a cost of $20. Should they pass the screening then a test panel will be arranged and only if the umpire passes will the badge fee of $50 be applicable;


* Advise the AUDO that you are confident that your umpire will pass and they do not wish to be screened, a test panel will be arranged and a non-refundable fee of $50 will be applicable prior to the start of the test. Please note that should the umpire fail the fee does NOT get refunded.


Rachel Williams is the AUDO and can be contacted at the office on 9409 9950 or via email umpiring@wdna.net.au to give advise on your options and arrange testings.

The Netball Western Australia pathway can be found here

It shows what levels to move through starting at beginner level at the Association, right up the High Performance Umpire Program umpiring World Championships, Com Games etc.

Umpiring first starts with your club or through the Green Shirt Program umpiring at Club Trials and Training and the Association Competition. Once you have received your National C Badge you can apply to become part of the Association Squad, umpiring higher level games at Association and umpiring at the Association Championship. Umpires at the Association can be talent identified by the Regional Umpiring Development Officer (RUDO) and other Netball WA personnel and invited to Academy Cup Team Trials, Hub Days, Cadet Cup, State Team Phases etc.

At these events you will meet the High Performance Panel and various other umpire coaches who can invite you into the State Umpire Academy umpiring WANL U18’s; State Team Phaes; State Schoolgirl Trials and various training sessions. The next level is the Smarter than Smoking State Netball League Squad Program umpiring WANL reserves and league; West Coast Fever training; ANL trials and training; State team trials and training; Netball WA High Performance Competition and MO Exchange.

Once you have been identified as an umpire to move further up the program Netball Australia take over your development through the Developing; Emerging Talent and High Performance Umpiring Programs.

Whilst is may seem a daunting and often impossible feat we have umpires within our association who are near the top of the pathway and are an inspiration to everyone to show that it can be done. All you need to do is pick up a whistle and have the willingness to learn.


We understand how difficult it can be to start umpiring, and sometimes it seems daunting.  We suggest that the first thing you do is sit a Level One umpiring course where you will learn the basics of umpiring as well as hand signals, positioning and blowing a whistle.  From there you can find a team to umpire and then you can also seek further training within your club or join our beginner umpire program called the “Green Shirt Program”.

There is no minimum age to start umpiring.  We suggest that all umpires have some confidence to be able to blow the whistle during a game.  We have umpires as young as nine and over fifty umpiring at Wanneroo.